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Ready Set Rally


Pony Club competitions "rallies" or "rally" in the Old Dominion Region are usually held during late spring early summer, some of our members rally with the Carolina Region for polocrosse competitions. Our region offers disciplines such as quiz (an unmounted competition!), eventing, games, dressage and stadium jumping. Also every year the pony club championships are held.

 To learn more about pony club rallies visit the

Pony Club Website

 Here's some of this years rally pictures!

              Games Rally Ring Set Up Crew!                       Show Jumping Rally!                              Games Rally Raising Star Team!                         Games Rally Junior Team!                                     Mega Rally! 

bcpcholwtggamesrallyrsteam.jpg bcpcjrsgamesrally.jpg

          Ed and Bill liming the ring!                        Candice and Paco at his first show             Leah and her team mates Katie, Matthew      Anneliese, Cameron, Isabel, Maya and Olivia!         Maya, Anneliese and little Meg!

                                                                                       jumping rally!                                      and Mallory...and Bryana!

                                        Games Rally Volunteer Crew!             Mega Rally Raising Star!            Mega Rally Camping!              Mega Rally is coming to an end!              Mega Rally Again!

                                         Caitlin Keeping a close eye on         Leah and Rose Bask in the     Ed and Leah Relax after one hard     Leah doesn't know what to do              Glad to receive awards

                                                        Everyone!                          In the noon day sun!                     day at mega rally!                     with all those Ribbons!         and to get those ponies home and fed!


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