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Club News

        Gossip spreads fast!

Here you will find results from rallies, ratings and other club events.

the latest club event was our fall rating and the outcome was very successful! Please congratulate our new...


           The rating took place October 10th                                                                        At Holly and Anneliese's farms                  

               D3 Holly and Izzy and C.C.              

C2 Anneliese and Vickie

                      C2 Caitlin and Mac and Taz                       

C2 Maya and Dazzle

C2 Patrick and Taz and Mac

Please give thanks to Chelsea and Edda for being such great examiners and to the club officers for putting together a great rating and last but not least the club's parents for behind the scenes!

Go to Movin' On Up to see more pictures from the rating.



We are always looking for pictures from pony club events that we could put on the website.

If you have a picture that you would like to send us please send it to 

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